…..girl just watch the video and we’ll talk afterwards!

😪 Imma try to make this post as respectful as possible but that was four minutes of my life I can’t get back so imma entitled to be slightly agitated! TREMAINE! WHAT THE HELL! Now Trey ain’t never been no vocal acrobat and he kinda….well I take that back, he absolutely does thrive on selling sex. Modern time R.Kelly, all yo songs about sex but mediocre vocals. (that’s my opinion on R.Kelly and I SAID WHAT I SAID!) But bro this video was just trash.

And it doesn’t help that the song isn’t even good! Like choose your struggle. I can deal with a bad song if the video is good but this is NSFW or anywhere else decent people may be. I guess living in the R&B shadows of Chris Brown is getting tired and that little stunt he pulled with KeeKee is wearing off so he gotta do something right!

Girl if I never hear this song again, I don’t mind. Where did the ol Trey Songz go. The “right after the hair cut” one. THAT Trey, I LIVE for but this “new age, how much porn can we literally put in this video to make the views go up faster” is what I can’t with. But hey, what y’all think? Leave us a comment and as always

I love you for reading!!!


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