The sky has parted and hell is freezing over!!!! Xscape is making a comeback!!!

Now if you was with me watching their “Unsung” special on TVOne couple months back, you probably was thinking, “well we ain’t never gone hear from these hefers again!” Hell the way they was talking down to that special you would think the next time they saw each other it would come to blows! BUT LOOK AT GOD!

In an interview today, Tina, Kandi and the younger sister who name escapes (pun) me confirmed new music and a tour!! SIS WHAT!!!! Now I never thought this would come so I decided to try and put some other acts on this tour for an “Ol School R&B Divas Tour 2018” (you know they gone need time to get all together) HERE WE GO!

SWV: If you can get these sister with voices off that WETv showing they asses long enough, then maybe they can come and sing “Rain”, “Weak” and “Your the One for Me”!

702: CAN WE GET IT TOGETHER!!!! Quite frankly sis, I know maybe two 702 songs but that’s ok, yall set ain’t that long anyway we still got a few more acts!

Total: If the iron clad grips of Bad Boy can get these ladies on that stage then I’ll allow it. I’m not even gone get into Diddy and his history with these groups, just pull his record!

Now I was thinking of including TLC in this but they still owe us an album that yall helped they asses pay for so they ain’t getting no more coins until yall get that album. They’ll have to sit this one out!

That’s IT! Would you be here for the “Ol School R&B Divas 2018” tour? Or who else yall wanna add to the lineup?

And as always,

I love you for reading!



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