RING THE GOT DAMN ALARM! REMY DONE SMACKED MY WIG RIGHT OFF MY HEAD!!!! And smacked Nicki’s off too quiet as it’s kept! GIIIRRRRLLL Lil Wayne, Drake and Safaree gone have to help get you out of this one girl.

After a bunch of back and forth, shady comments Remy said fuck this! I’m not about to keep playing with this girl lemme just end this chick. She released “sHeather” and when I say she BODIED Nicki! Check IT out below and then let’s kiki!

GIRL SHE GATHERED SIS!! PUT THAT BARBIE IN A BOX! Ok so lemme just get into this. Nicki is KNOWN for throwing rocks and hiding her hands and being subliminally shady but I guess where Remy is from, that shit don’t fly! Girl she said, “the only time you touched a trigga is when you fucked Trey Songz”!!!! I DIED AND I LIVE!!!!

This to me, is like back when Jay Z and Nas had that beef. Where Jay was more popular and he took that popularity vote and ran with it. Not to say he’s trash cause that would be a lie, he’s one of the greatest rappers alive but just in my opinion, Nas is better. Remy = Nas; Jay = Nicki Does that make sense?

Idk how yall feel but I tell you what, this is a battle imma be long forward to watch go down! I’ll be sipping my tea for the remainder of the weekend and keeping idk up. And as always

I love you for reading!!!



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