Now these microwave/Instagram celebrities I normally don’t give the time a day. Because usually just like their rise, they fall just as quick. But I’m so SICK of this “cash me ouside” chick!!!
Sis I don’t even know this little girl name but I tell you what. The hood white girl quota is filled! And she’s not even good at it! But that’s not why she’s getting the prestigious “READ OF THE WEEK!” She getting it because of her statement regarding Kylie Jenner!
So she doing a radio interview…. Which leads me to another question. WHY ARE WE BOOKING THIS CLOWN TO DO RADIO INTERVIEWS AS IF SHE ACTUALLY HAS SOMETHING CREDIBLE TO SAY BESIDES THAT TACKY CATCH PHRASE OF HERS? Anyway excuse me, I’ve seem to lost my way. On the radio she says she doesn’t like Kylie and believes she’s an attention whore. HELLO POT! I’D LIKE TO INTRODUCE YOU TO MY FRIEND KETTLE! Then she goes further and begins talking about Kylie transformation just plain dogging her for no reason at all but the fact that she’s jealous!
Now I normally don’t read kids but sis you had it coming. I suggest while you have this very small platform, you do something constructive with it. Because “cash me ouside” ain’t gone play the bills for the rest of your life. And to social media, STOP MAKING FOOLS LIKE THIS BELIEVE THEY ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHING GOING FOR THEMSELVES. She wouldn’t be as popular if we weren’t gassing her up! Notice I didn’t mention her name ONCE you wanna know why, CAUSE I DON’T KNOW IT!! She’s nothing more than the “cash me ouside” girl and she will be that forever if she don’t do something productive with her tacky ass life!
I love you for reading!


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