So over the weekend, I went to see the Fifty Shades Darker movie right! Now the movie was GOOD and whatever but either I’m the freak of the week, or them sex scenes was more appealing on the commercial than they were in the film!
Now I read the book, seen the first movie but I don’t remember much of it. Quite frankly I was just excited to hear my song that Zayn and Taylor Swift sing. Ooh and that Nicki Minaj and Jonas boy song was OK too. The book gave me more fever than the second part. If you gone sell this kinky lifestyle, SELL IT SIS! I want full out. There wasn’t anything in that movie I ain’t never seen done before or for that matter done! But that’s enough about me.
When they explored that story of Christian’s ex sub, I wish they would’ve either left that out or went full out horror movie with it. It was a little underdeveloped for me. Look at me sounding like a real movie critic! But anyway besides that one point, the movie was good. AND ABOUT THING! One of the best things they did was let Christian grow that beard! It just made his character so much more….. rough and sexy. Ok that’s IT! If this was rotten tomatoes I would give the movie a 84%. I know this, they better do a part three cause that ending definitely left me with questions. But I won’t spoil it for you.
If you guys seen the movie, what you think of it? Leave us a read below and as always
I love you for reading


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