As I sit here on my couch listening to “What You See is What You Get” circa 2000, I have no choice but to go IN on Lifetime about that TERRIBLE ASS Britney Spears Biopic “Britney Ever After”! So lemme right into it!
Oh “Bombastic Love” just came on! Anyway, when I heard that there was a Britney Spears biopic in the works, I was SOOOOO EXCITED! Britney Spears practically raised me, she’s been in my life since I was 9 years old! So, there isn’t much about Britney that I don’t know already! But Lifetime took on the task of telling her story and they in my opinion got that shit ALL WRONG!
From the beginning, literally I was live tweeting watching with you guys and in the first 12 minutes I had ENOUGH! The casting, sis did we just go find any random blonde hair to play Brit who could slightly pull off a country accent? THAT’S NSYNC! OFFNESIVE! The only people who I would actually give credit to was Kevin and Wade Robinson. Everybody remembers Wade and that hair from the back-back days! Other than those two the casting was a complete FLOP!
“Don’t Go Knockin on My Door” just stared! Now let’s get into this story line. Was it me, or did it seem like this is more of a Slam-o-Pic than a biopic! You would think the people who did this movie had a BEEF with Britney the way they told this story! It came off as if she was nothing more than an unstable, horny country bumkin, chain smoking party animal during HER BEST YEARS! The only part they got right was that terrible VMA performance because the way the girl did it in the movie was worse than Britney actually did it!
Come on “Breathe on Me”! And to add insult to injury, they couldn’t even use her music in the movie. So were stuck with these stale ass imitation songs that do absolutely nothing for us. The only songs they could use was Britney covers song, e.g. I love Rock and Roll and I Can’t Get No Satisfaction. The movie really told us absolutely nothing we didn’t already know about Britney but they didn’t even celebrate the pop icon she is! This was just terrible and I tell you what Christina Aguilera bitch, you next so I suggest you tell Lifetime right the hell now, GET THEE BEHIND DEVIL! YOU WILL NOT TOUCH MY LIFE!
If you watched, what did you guys think of Britney Ever After? If you didn’t watch, trust me, YOU AINT MISS SHIT! And as always
I love you for reading!


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