I KNOW! I KNOW! Judge me now and read me later. The gag is I’m back with the jump off! And I know it’s been a while since we made a full-length post but lemme tell ya’ll what! It’s a lot of work to make these post honey! ESPECIALLY FOR ME! Cause imma English Professor in my other life so I go over these posts like 4 times before I even get them on the site, THEN I got over them again 3 more time before I post! And this aint no copy and paste kinda library honey! These words are my own…. *FROM MY HEART FLOWS I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU* That’s a Natasha Bedingfield plug for ya!

Anywho I’m getting back into the swing of things. There’s no real point in me trying to go back in time to tell ya’ll about old stories but I will do this; Lady Gaga slayed the Super bowl (cash me ouside if you disagree), The Grammys this year was MUCH better than the past 2 years, OJ need to stay in jail, Beyoncé is EVERYTHING, and that’s about it!

So, get ya Library Cards reactivated cause were BACK! AND ANOTHER THING…KEKE PALMER!!!! Trey called me and told me his side of the story and you got some explaining to do! WAS IT A SIGN ON THE DOOR THAT SAID VIDEO SHOOT OR NO KEKE! IM NOT PLAYING WITH YOU!

Ok that was it really! If you haven’t already, follow our social media below because if we don’t post a full story, our IG might have a mini-read on it! And ya’ll know,

I love you for reading!



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