BET!!!! I don’t know who yall hired or who yall fired but I tell you what, it was the best decision you’ve made in YEARS!!!! THIS NEW EDITION MOVIE WAS EPIC! From the casting, productions, cinematography, bitch yall just got it all right!!! I couldn’t believe I was rushing home every day just to watch BET!

Now granted I’m a young tenderoni and New Edition was long before me, I tell you what, I knew EVERY song! And I mean all of them. That’s how you know that group was ICONIC cause ain’t no reason my 26 year old ass knows lyrics, choreograpy, ad libs and revebs to not only all the group songs, but Bobby crazy ass Brown, BBD, Ralph AND UNCLE JOHNNY! Girl I was tearing my living room up for two hours a day, for three days!

Now one thing I gotta say BET and we all said it on Twitter, bitch these commercials! I understand we gotta pay these bills but DAMN! Somebody even went so far as to track the commercials on day two and it was dead ass wrong! It was too good to be interrupted so damn much!

Now is it me, or did these men make Danity Kane look like girl scouts! I mean yall was fighting every day, since the day yall met down in Boston! And BOBBY!!!! We always knew Bobby was extra but sis put some extra fries in my bag, extra Mac sauce and an apple pie I mean EXTRA! And don’t think you gone get away with that drug thing cause we was tracking yo timeline and you was getting high LONG before Whitney!

To the actors from the kids on up to the adults, listen to me, YOU MOTHERFUCKAS DID ALL OF THAT! Never in BET history have I seen casting done so well. OOH I just remembered the last time I was excited to watch BET. Remember College Hill!?! 😂 anyway and these boys was actually singing these songs and they moved like their characters, talked sang MAN WHAT!

IT WAS THREE NIGHTS OF DRAMA, CRYING, AMAZING MUSIC AND A BROTHERHOOD and BET, the actors, and anybody that was involved, the Library takes our glasses off to you! Seriously the best biopic I’ve seen! And I don’t think it can be touched!

What did yall think about the New Edition Story?! And as always

I love you for reading!



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