THE LIBRARY COURT ROOM: CASE #PALMERSONGZ12217 Keke Palmer vs Tremaine “Trey” Neverson “Songz”

I can’t stand a “he said, she said” ass story! Then I gotta sit up in this court room and decide who telling the truth! *heavy sigh*And in this case, I really am conflicted because as far as I know these two have NEVER pulled stunts as messy as the one they’re both in now. Let’s get into the plaintiff.

Keke Palmer; actress, singer, baby girl! Keke is claiming that her likeness was used without authorization by the defendant. She is claiming that she went to the defendant’s house party, was bribed with “food, drinks and sexual intimidation” and was recorded for his new video “Pick Up the Phone”, where her name is also mentioned by some rapper who I do NOT plan on researching! – “I palm her pussy like Keke”

The defendant; Trey Songz has yet to deny the claim that her likeness was used without authorization, but he is claiming that she was WELL aware that a video shoot was going on and that she would probably be used in a shot. He is also claiming not to “do this twitter shit” and said in a post defending his character “I cannot devote my life to responding to, or clearing up every side of every story you hear about me.”

Ok so now that we’ve heard these opening statement lets dig into this case. Now Keke girl, you were in this video for all of 2.78 seconds. Literally sis, if you blinked you’d miss her! WHY ARE WE RAISING ALL THIS HOOPLAH?! Wasting these tax dollars, you know they just swore that orange man into office! WE NEED THESE TAX DOLLARS! However, I do understand that the using of your likeness awithout authorization is probably illegal somewhere. Shit I aint no real judge just here in the Library!

Now Tremaine; as far back as I can recall I never seen you in no shit. Except for when you got arrested a few months back, that’s about it. A few gay rumors but that comes with the territory, you’ve been a model celebrity for the most part. I don’t see you doing any malicious harm to the plaintiff. And I understand that you don’t “do this twitter shit” but when you took the time to address it on IG, you should’ve went ahead and cleared this situation up cause right now, your looking like you took advantage of this girl. And we don’t know that to be true but she’s being a little more convincing than you are right now!

In the case of KEKE VS TREY, I find the defendant guilty. Because until you tell us your side Tremaine, we only have her story to believe. And unfortunately, we can’t trial this case again (I know that much) so I’m awarding her a few coins for using her in the video. Hell, she at least got some food and drinks so I’ll add that it. Break her off 10k Trey and let’s call it a day. Ya’ll been friends since she was in the spelling bee! Don’t let this get in-between that. I like these two!

I love you for reading!





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2 responses to “THE LIBRARY COURT ROOM: CASE #PALMERSONGZ12217 Keke Palmer vs Tremaine “Trey” Neverson “Songz”

  1. Trena

    This Is hilarious!


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