It’s quite clear that if ANYBODY wants to have a meeting with ya’ll president elect, they gone have to do it in secret cause the second we find out YOU WILL BE ROASTED! We already knew that Kanye would be going to have a kiki with the orange man after he ranted about how he would’ve voted for Trump…. if he voted. So, we weren’t surprised by that one at all but the latest one!!!! Steve Harvey!

Now Steve, if you wanna go have meetings in the ladies’ room, that’s your prerogative. He was allegedly meeting with Ben Carson to discuss housing issues in inner cities. Sounds nice right, so why not take the picture with Ben Carson. Let that one be leaked to the press. I blame your PR!

Ya’ll done went and hurt Steve feelings draggin his back and forth all over the WWW’s. So much that he addressed his intentions on his radio show yesterday morning. He said, and I quote,

“A lot of y’all hurt me. I didn’t expect that backlash to be so fierce.”

So, you did expect the backlash…. which leads me to believe you KNEW that…. you remember being a kid and doing some shit you know you aint have no business doing. And you already KNOW when yo parents find out that you might or might not breathe again…but you do it anyway. Just say you had one of those moment Steve. But because your tootsie rolling and peddling the Obama administration urging you to meet with the Trump, some people aren’t so forgiving.

For example, you know when Uncle TIP takes off his hat to address the situation, it becomes a LITUATION! And his fellow King of Comedy D.L Hughley (whom I really don’t care for but I digress, that’s another story) even dug into you!

For the record Steve, I don’t care. Meet with who you want! He says he had good intentions so I have no choice but to believe what he says. But know this, WE WATCHING YOU!

I love you for reading!



So ya’ll know Steve is from Cleveland…. you aint say shit about helping our inner cities in this clip below but imma just sit that there and let yall inhale that! Ok I done!


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