I’m so sick of this foolishness. Now ya’ll know I don’t discuss any sports or anything of that nature here UNLESS it merges into the mess of pop culture and this weekend it did so I must talk! And Imma try to get this right so for ya’ll who are sports fans, correct me when I say something wrong.

So the Atlanta Falcons….and Seattle Seahawks (I think I got them two right) any who so Russell Wilson plays for the Seahawks and they were in the NFC (National Football Conference…whatever that is) and they lost! So you know Ciara and Baby Future were in the building cheering on Daddy but GUESS WHO ELSE SHOWED THEY UGLY FACE DOWN TO THE FOOTBAL FIELD! BIG FUTURE! Now Black Twitter, being as resourceful as they are did some digging and brought up some interesting points. The largest being what I’m about to tell ya’ll about.  WHENEVER FUTURE IS AS A SPORTING EVENT, RUSSELL USUALLY LOOSES THE GAME!
Now I can’t tell you nothing about no stats and things of that nature cause I don’t know and quite frankly, I don’t care! However people are saying the Russell is constantly taking L’s whenever Future is around! And I’m looking at these people like, EXCUSE ME! LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE HERE!

Future’s youngest son is currently calling Russell Dad! His ex-fiancé is currently as well calling Russell DADDY!!! In the coins department Russell is worth 14M while Future is worth 8M. Both very lucrative but I’m just here to give the numbers you do with them what you will. RUSSELL CAN’T TAKE AN L TO FUTURE!!!! The ONLY way for him to do that is for Ciara to file for divorce and go back to Future (which I don’t think is EVER happening) even though she did drop that 15M lawsuit against him but I think Russell just gave her the money and said here go buy something nice!

Anywho, STOP THE MADNESS! Congratulations to Atlanta for winning whatever the NFC is and congratulations to Ciara and Russell for being the sexiest couple I’ve seen in a while. And Future….go have a seat! You aint got that kinda power!

I love you for reading!



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