Listen sis, if I didn’t believe that Paula Patton was drunk as I write this story about her ass, I would probably believe what she had to say! But since we all know Paula loves her some splashes of champagne, I’ll digress and just get into the story! This custody battle between her and her ex-husband Robin “Twerking on the stage with Miley-No Cakes- Cyrus” Thicke is getting messier and messier. Get into these updates!

So, Paula aint trynna let Robin see their 6-year-old son, Julian allegedly due to Robin “spanking” the child excessively; per her people! Robin said, yes; he open hand to butt spanked his son, nothing excessive though as is being alleged against him. Stop right there. Lemme just say this, I was bad as hell as a kid. (surprise) And I got my ass beat! What the hell is a spanking?! Furthermore, Thicke says the little boy went down to the school and told he got “spanked” and the teachers called the feds! See this why you beat they ass and say tell them, “if you tell somebody imma beat yo ass for-real next time!”

Now Robin is saying that Paula is just pissed that he didn’t invite her or her drunk ass family to the fune for his father, the late Alan Thicke! Now if that aint some petty shit, I don’t know what is! He even went on to say that Paula felt some kinda way towards Alan and she didn’t have a positive relationship with him. Now that’s a reason not to invite her ass to the fune!

So, after all that, Judge Maybelline told Paula, she aint about to limit this man’s visitation. He aint did shit wrong! I hate this part of divorce when we have to start dragging the kids into the mess. Using them as a pawn and that’s what I think Paula is doing. She need to take another sip of that Moscato and take a got damn seat!

I love you for reading!



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