Girl Black Twitter was not about to let ya’ll ruin Michael Jackson legacy NO MORE! So ya’ll remember I told ya’ll a little while back about that episode of Urban Myths that would feature Michael Jackson and they went and cast this Caucasian man to play Michael! Joseph Fiennes is his name and sir lemme just talk directly to you for a second. I understand you took the job cause you saw a check coming but all money aint good money! “Work aint honest but it pays the bills” you say huh, well when social media gets a hold of this shit they took that job right the fuck away!

SO THE NETWORK work ended up pulling that shit before they even aired it girl the backlash was so serious! They had Paris, Jackson daughter, on twitter cheering that they network cancelled the shit. But not a full week into them pulling the plug on it, our good Judy’s at Lifetime announce a biopic! “Searching for Neverland” which I hope is a working title, will tell the story of the King’s final years from the perspective of his body guards.

They cast an actual Michael Jackson impersonator to do the job honey and thank God they did! Here he is!

30028a0Now that’s more like it damn it! Navi is his name and he’s been in the business of impersonating for 22 years. He’s even sipped tea with Michael on a few occasions and opened up for him. So, I give him a grade A on qualifications for the job! Now, if Lifetime has some respectable writers and production for this then I’ll be in! The film begins production next month. Will you guys be watching?

I love you for reading!



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