I had absolutely no intentions on discussing this foolery but since this has been a slow news week I decided to oblige and give a little kiki on the Chris Brown and Soulja Boy situations. So, it’s been a little under a week since the shit started hitting the fan with these two and I’ll try my best to fill ya’ll in for the ones who been waiting to hear what I had to say.

So, the foolishness allegedly got started when Soulja left some heart eye emoji’s under Karruche, Chris Brown’s ex, photo on IG! I know petty right. Well Soulja then made a video saying that Chris called him threatening him and checking him on liking her photos and leaving little cute ass emoji’s and shit. This in turn made him start talking out the side of his neck. Now had he just let it go here, we probably wouldn’t be where we are now!

Soulja then proceeds to post a bunch of videos talking BIG MAN SHIT about Chris and how when he sees him he gone beat his ass! He even went back to the Rihanna days and mentioned that situations that I told yall a long time ago I will never talk about again cause I’m over it! This is when I start looking at him like, “really Soulja Boy like aint nobody scared of yo little 110 lb. soaking wet ass!” So, Chris took the high road for a little while then he said fuck it. He then began returning videos and issued a boxing challenge to Soulja and the proceeds will go to charity.

So maybe a day or so later, Soulja FOOL issues this weak ass half way house apology that quite frankly he could’ve kept! He claims that his mother was sick and he was going through some stuff and he wants to make music with Chris and the other clowns that he recently started shit with. I don’t know their names cause to be straight and blunt, they aint that damn important to the story line! Chris is like no, fuck that we gone fight, you gone get this ass beating and that’ll teach you to start talking out the side of your neck. SOULJA EVEN WENT SO FAR AS TO CALL CHRIS PERSONALLY AND TRY TO CALL OFF THE FIGHT! LMFAO

So, the fights on! Soulja Boy has been posting pics and videos of him and that bird chest training with Floyd “can’t spell” Mayweather! Chris will be trained by Mike Tyson on the other hand. And as of yesterday, Monkey Man 50 cent decided to throw himself into the mess of it all. He posted the photo above on his IG yesterday and I just wanna know, “sir who invited you into this event. You aint necessarily a boxing guru, hell you hardly rap so why are you here again?”

Anyway, I’ll be watching if they air this on TV with a snack! As a matter of fact, this is gonna be a reason to throw a party! Now ya’ll know I don’t know NOTHING about no boxing. Honestly, I think it’s one of the most over paid sports of them all! But that’s just my opinion. Will you guys be tuning in to see Soulja Boy get beat down? Leave a comment below and as always

I love you for reading!



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