CRYSTAL BENN COME GET YO GIRL!!!! SHE DONE SHOWED HER ASS IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE AND IM ABOUT TO GUT HER LIKE A FISH!!!! Girl did ya’ll see Mariah Carey on the Dick Clark NYE special last night! You might’ve seen her but what we haven’t seen are her vocals cause they damn sure was MIA last night! Watch this shit and meet me on the other side!

GIIIIIIIIRRRRRRLLLLLLL! I watched that shit this morning at about 7, turned my tea kettle on, fixed my ginger honey crystals tea and had a nice large GULP! I don’t wanna fry my vocal cords like Mariah done did! The ghost of Whitney past must’ve come back and snatched them vocals cause sis I don’t even know how to explain to my Librarians what had happened was!? It looks like she couldn’t hear the music in her headset so she just tootsie rolled back and forth on the stage. Girl the crowd is shivering cause they standing in some ol NEW YORK CITY COLD waiting on yo ass to give them life.

Girl I guess that little E! Special gassed you back up. I got a couple of suggestions on what you could’ve done.

  1. CUT THE MUSIC AND GO ACCAPELLA: Now yo vocals aint what they used to be so all them whistle tones and really high notes, just let the audience do that part. But you did “Emotions” and “We Belong Together”. Those aren’t the most challenging Mariah Carey vocal songs so I think you could’ve managed.
  2. SAID CUT AND LET’S FIX THIS SHIT AND TRY AGAIN: Remember you are MARIAH CAREY! You are 1/3 of the vocal trinity! If you say CUT mother fuckas will CUT! And just because you’re Mariah Carey, they would’ve fixed that shit and let you put on a show that we know you’re capable of!
  3. BRING OUT MISSY ELLIOT: Nothing turns a crowd like Missy Elliot. IDGAF what’s going on, if Missy Elliot hits a stage everything TURNS! IDK where she was yesterday but she could’ve been your ace in the hole.

Ok I never kick nobody when they down without extending a hand to lift them up. Mariah, I still love you. I’m laughing with you cause you was laughing on stage! We all know Mariah can sing so that’s not even up for discussion. Technical difficulties happen and we get it. I’m not gone write you off, yet cause I still believe (plug)!

I love you for reading!!!


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