It aint even a full 12 hours off into the new year…oh before I get to reading…. HAPPY NEW YEAR LIBRARIANS!!!! Wishing you everything good and prosperous this year. Let’s slay 2017! Ok now that I’ve said that, let’s get into this chick!

So, first of all, when you say Kim Burrell name, nothing comes to mind. I mean you know her name but for me, she’s not my style of gospel to listen to so No I don’t know who the hell she is or one song she’s made. HOWEVER, she made some statement about the LGBT community and there is NO WAY I’m just gonna let this slide without an old-fashioned read!

Little known fact about your Librarian. I grew up in a Baptist church. You know the ones who have something every day of the week and then on Sunday, you spent a whole working shift at church! Yea that was me from about birth, until maybe 13 or 14 when my parents allowed me to start making my own decisions. I say all that to say this, I know a little something about a bible and Kim lemme just say this for you and the rest of the homophobic bible thumpers. Don’t throw a bible at somebody without snatching out the few pages for yourself! Roll the clip of what she had to say and then let’s get back into the read!

So, Kim sis…. all the homosexuals are gone die in 2017 huh…. just all of them or a select few…??? I just wanna know. I’m usually very objective in situations like this and give the party I’m reading the benefit of the doubt. In this case I was looking for the entire clip because we work in the world-wide web; where someone could’ve very well took the parts of her sermon and clip them together to make her look like this evil whore. However, sis, I couldn’t find ANYTHING so I have to go off what I witnessed and from what I witnessed, YOU ARE A HOMOPHOBIC HYPROCRIT.

Now my homegirl Lovelyti hipped me to this story cause had she not, I wouldn’t have known about this shit. She tells me your going on Ellen on the 5th Kim…. Do you know that Ellen is a proud member of the LGBT community? Or does that not matter because she has a platform from which you can benefit so you’ll sit and kiki with her. AND ANOTHER THING TI TOLD ME. While Frank Oceans was building stairways to heaven, you were singing on one of the tracks on his album. Now he aint came out and said it verbatim but we can put two and two together. You saw NO problem working with him. These are the same people you classified as “PERVERTED”.


THAT is what we call back peddling?! You said it now, it’s out, now let’s deal with it. I have NO PROBLEM with what you said. Because at the end of that days that’s your opinion. I would be a hypocrite to sit behind this screen and read yo ass if I had a problem with you expressing yourself and clearly that’s what I’m doing RIGHT DAMN NOW! What I do have a problem with is the mentality of Christians like you who feel a need to condemn this ONE SIN and then in the next breath say, “All sins are equal!” Now if I had the time and energy I would do some digging in your life but you know your sin and God knows that’s all who really needs to know. It’s the “selective” Christians that I can’t with, that wanna throw rocks in a glass house. I don’t quote scripture cause I usually get it wrong, but there’s one that comes to mind. The one about “he who is without sin cast the first stone” or something like that.

Lemme close cause I done reached almost 700 words on this woman. Kim, you work in Hollywood, you can’t throw a rock and not hit someone apart of the LGBT community. I can almost guarantee SOMEONE you employee is a member of the LGBT community. I suggest the next time you and any other of your selective Christian friends decide to throw those rocks, aim carefully and make sure they aren’t rubber. That’s all! And as always YOU KNOW




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