Azealia Banks vs. Nicki Minaj….wait sis, It’s Not Azealia fault this time!

Now I vowed a little while ago that Azealia Banks name would NEVER be mentioned on my blog again! The gag is, I don’t care to talk about her because she’s nothing but drama. However, because I jumped to conclusions on her most recent stunts, I will be an adult and give her the benefit of the doubt. She actually didn’t even start this tomfoolery. So lemme give ya’ll the gag!

So, this post began floating around Facebook that Azealia was throwing daggers at Nicki Minaj. Here’s the picture.

6tag-1497414823-1409500663968459023_1497414823So, I went AWF! Thinking this was just another Banks attention whore rant and normally I would be absolutely right! However, my love muffin B. Scott just poured some tea about what may have prompted Banks to go AWF on Minaj!

So ya’ll know Nicki has this Kim Kardashian style game. In the game, she throws shade at Banks and one of her albums or something or another. Here’s the post.

fan2seaNow here’s the gag, here’s the photo of the Azealia Banks album cover….

fan2sea-2THIS is what’s prompting Banks to go LIVE ON 5 on Nicki ass. Now here’s the gag, I absolutely believe that Nicki would pull a shady stunt like this. She’s the QUEEN of throwing rocks and hiding her hands so yes I believe that she did this thinking nobody would catch wind. However, honey this is 2017! (early I know) You can’t get no shade pass the WWW’s!

So lemme know what yall think about this mess below and as always….

I love you for reading!



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