DIDN’T DANITY KANE TEACH YA’LL ANYTHING?! Fifth Harmony KICKS Camila to the CURB and moving forward in the Unemployment Line!

Ok so I don’t even know ANY of these damn girls’ names let alone care. However, the past week Fifth Harmony has been all over the WWW’s sis! First, one of they asses got arrested for getting high on a plane! ALLEGEDLY! (sue my ass you won’t) and now on of them is leaving the damn group! Now lemme just tell ya’ll what, I’m no Harmonizer, or nothing but they got a few songs I bop to! Especially that “Work from Home” song with TY$ Sign! And they new song I like to ummmm something about “That’s My Girl”. GIRL I was in the car going AWF! But clearly they are about to pull a Danity Kane and I just wanna know what is in the girl group water?!

For the life of me, these manufactured girl groups (and I mean that in the best way possible) have to understand! Bitch ya’ll gotta stick this shit out for the fans! Did you learn NOTHING from Danity Kane?! Them bitches couldn’t stand, sit or lean next to each other but for YEARS they stuck it out for the fans. Now granted after a while they was just like fuck this shit we out! But shit they was under Bad Boy so was they DOOMED from the jump!

But why don’t girls’ groups last anymore? Hell, for that matter why have girl groups never lasted forever. Bitch 98 Degrees just was on tour with all the original members’ sis! No add in, replacements and was still moving like this was 1999! Dru Hill is selling out ya local casino ballroom right now! And Sisco hair is still fleek! Maybe it just because men in general are a little more……how can I put this without offending…. less catty than women. I always say, in a group of girl even if they all look good there’s one bitch in the group that’ll hate on EVERY one of em. It’s just in their nature.

But the entire gag is they are gonna try and continue without the girl. Lemme get her name so I can stop calling her “the girl”. Camilla is her name. And she is gonna go solo allegedly. THE ONLY MEMBER OF A GIRL GROUP TO SUCCESSFULLY GO SOLO IS BEYONCE! And that’s because Matthew had her ass running around the block in heels since she was 4! Everybody can’t BEY-YONCE! So, I think before you waste your money and time, just let it go! Leave us with the hits ya’ll have and let us mourn in peace. I can’t stand when they try to carry on without members and the real gag is, the 100% real tea is, as a group your only gonna be successful. Ask Dawn Richards!

Anyway, lemme know what ya’ll think about this entire situation below and as always….





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