GIRRRRLLLLL and BOOOYYYYY!!!! This shit is a complete devastation to the nation! Now there’s two parts to this story that I wanna tell ya’ll. The first is gone be if I didn’t know the Kardashians better and actually believed that this wasn’t more than a stunt for the birthing special that airs tonight on E! And then there is gone be the side that’s just READS THE DOGGGG FUCK OUT OF CHYNA! So, let’s get into it!

So yesterday which was Saturday Blac Chyna IG page was allegedly hacked and the hacker threatened to release text messages from Chyna to other men and other celebs. Included in those messages was her “plan” to leave Rob Kardashian after a year if he hasn’t gotten his life together. Also, her dogging his ass out, kinda like she did on that show of theirs so this isn’t a stretch! This damn baby aint hopped out the slab a good month yet and we already on some bullshit with these two! So, the messages hit the fan and so did the TEA!

So now here’s the “I’m clueless” portion. I feel bad for Rob. He posted some videos on IG showing off the house that he and Chyna were supposed to be nursing their new bundle in. THIS BITCH DONE WENT AND CALL 1-800-GOTJUNK TO CLEAR THE HOUSE OUT! Sis she TOOK THE FOOD OUT THE REFRIDGERATOR. And she can’t even deny that because that is 300% PETTY and if I know NOTHING about Chyna, it’s that she suffers from Pettyitis!

She went and cleaned out the baby room, King’s room…can we just talk about the food again! SHE TOOK ROB’S SWEET BABY RAYS BBQ SAUCE! People FIGHT over that shit! ESPECIALLY people of color and shit the Kardashian are as black as they come! When he posted them memes of her, BITCH I LIKED TO DIED! And you know imma post em too cause I’m just as petty as she is!

Ok now that I’ve gotten the fakery out, can we be real! DID WE ALL NOT KNOW WHAT BLAC CHYNA HAD PLANNED FOR THE KARDASHIAN-KLAN FROM THE MOMENT WE FOUND OUT THAT HER AND ROB WERE DATING! Stevie and Ray eyesight put together could see that! This was all a part of a grand scheme to get back at Tyga for messing with that toddler Kylie and guess what, she won! She not only won BUT SHE GOT A PARTING GIFT. DREAM KARDASHIAN! The sole heir to the Kardashain name and all that comes with it! So now, she gone collect a Kardashian check for the next 18 years, and if they decide to get back together, she gone use that last name and fuck what ya’ll sisters heard!

Now Chyna done took this man’s bbq sauce, his waffles, his baby WHAT HE GOT LEFT! The one thing I will say is, i’m glad he didn’t just crawl back into the deep dark depressed hole he done came out of. He was just posting stuff yesterday ! I was like we’ll this is surprising but I’ll allow it!

The gag is, I believe this was a stunt for the show tonight. The timing was just too convenient for me to even ignore. And just a few weeks ago they revealed the new season of KUWTK was set to be filmed and if you believe they didn’t capture ALL THIS; run that by a fool. But not this one. Imma do a poll what ya’ll think? For publicity or FOR REAL! Leave a comment below and you know

I love you for reading!



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