NEW MUSIC: Tired-Ass Khia “Santa Baby” REVIEW

Girl come get ya’ll Grandmotha Khia!!! Now it’s no secret the “My Neck My Back” check stopped coming in a LOOOONNNNGGGG time ago but she decided to slither down our chimneys with a Christmas gift. You can decide whether you wanna return to sender or not! Check it out below and then let’s kiki!

As much as I can’t stand, sit, lean, squat or lay for Khia….damn it this song is catchy! The beat is so ghetto and ya’ll know I love to twerk and it a twerkable record. Now no I don’t care to hear about Khia having relations with Santa Clause or with ANYBODY for that matter but you can never take Khia too seriously right?

The song is a bop for just that. Will i listen to it again past Dec. 25, 2016, ABSOLUTELY not!

Let us know how you feeling about this mess and as always

I love you for reading!



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