The Library Court Room: Case #DLVRT112116 Andrew Caldwell vs. Funky Dineva “Da Diva”

SIS!!!!!!!! Get in this court room right now! Girl Andrew Caldwell aka “I’m Not Gay No More” man, you know the one who alleged to had a relationship with Kordell Stewart; Porsha from the #RHOA ex-husband, ok whew that was a run on! Ok so he is now pissed at rich white fish Funky Dineva! So, what we gonna do is go into The Library Court Room since he wanna sue Dineva and we’ll handle this case accordingly. Shit the ATL system need to find out where the hell is Nick Gordon gone get this 36M dollars so I’ll handle this one.

Ok so Funky Dineva discussed Andrew on his website. Get into the exhibit A.

Ok so as a blogger, guess what Andrew, I can say whatever the dog fuck I want to about you. If it’s not slanderous or defaming your character. (any more than you already have) And after reviewing exhibit A, I find Dineva in no way at fault. Everything he said was based on information that YOU provided to either the media or our sister girl Google.

Now moving on. You decided to make a video where you threaten to sue the Doll. Get into Exhibit B Librarians.

A couple of thing. Sis…who do you think you fooling? I believe in God, Capital HIM, Sweet Baby Jesus in a Manger but what I DON’T BELIEVE, is that you’ve been delivered’t! Now that I got that off my chest. What kinda Phaedra Parks way are you stashing your money? You don’t have a bank account?! Who just has cash in the trunk of their car? And wait…. lol this must be a joke. GIRL DID HE CALL HIM FUNKY DA DIVA! I should just throw your case out for incorrectly filling out this document. I have Funky Dineva in court and your filing this claim against “FUNKY DA DIVA!”

Anyway, so we don’t even need the jury for this. I’ll rule on this case as head Librarian. Got my Librarians in here on their day off for this shit. In the case of Dineva vs. Da Fool, Fool CASE DISMISSED. And as a matter fact, for wasting Dineva time I’m rewarding him that money that was in your trunk! PARTIES ARE DISMISSED!


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