READ OF THE WEEK: Brandy’s Little Brother….Ray J! (Diss Track INSIDE)

COME HERE BOY! Did you really think this read was gone escape you sir! Ya’ll PLEASE for the LIFE of me give me one good reason why I shouldn’t tear Ray J a new one for this “diss track” she released last night. And yes, I said “SHE” that wasn’t a typo. Ok so here, go listen first and then come on back for this READ OF THE WEEK!

Ok so before I just drag him and her character personally let’s discuss the actual track her released. Beyond that fact that Brandy must’ve said she is NOT funding this foolishness, the track came out of NOWHERE! Timing is very important in this business and for me that’s what I’m looking at. Less than 12 hours after Kanye was admitted to the hospital, you decide to release a diss track. Of course, so you can get a little more traction for the trash. Because Lord knows, aint NOBODY checking for new Ray J music. Not even Chris Brown could help you! And he needs his ass whooped for even wanting parts in this foolishness. What he give you for that verse Chris? One of them scooty bikes he selling?

Now here’s background tea. So, he released this song in response to Kanye’s “Famous” video where he was portrayed naked in the bed amongst a bunch of other people. Now the gag is, I listened to the song and there weren’t many jabs at Kanye…. MOST of the shots were taking at Kim?! So, Ray J I have to ask, why you still talking about Kim?! It’s sound to me like your beef is with her as opposed to Ye! AND HE THE ONE WHO MADE THE VIDEO WITH YO NAKED ASS IN IT!

Ok so you feel like you made her famous. Let’s look at the timeline shall we. So, the sex tape was filmed in 2003, released in 2007, Ray J’s biggest hit was 2005 “One wish”, Keeping Up with The Kardashians premiered in 2007. So, if she wanted to be famous, I would’ve released it when your career was actually popping…. well pop (just one pop). Not to mention, we was clocking Kim Kardashian when she was BFF’n it around LA with Paris Hilton so…. hell, I didn’t even know ya’ll dated UNTIL the sex tape so LET’S STOP THE YOU MADE HER AND HER FAMILY FAMOUS! YOU DON’T POSSES ENOUGH AMOUNT OF FAM TO MAKE ANYBODY FAMOUS!

And for that matter, the people you manage don’t even get traction in the industry! SO, BOY STOP IT!

The beef you have, is with Kanye but in order to stay relevant you just HAVE to constantly mention Kim. I get it. But quit trynna drag her like you didn’t have your face buried in her box too! And at the end of the record you say you got a wife now and you happy…. clearly you aint or you would be fucking her and not worried about Kim and her Kooty Kat!

I’m done dragging this clown. The bottom line is Ray J is mad because he thought the sex tape would give BOTH some life and instead she’s turned it into WAAAAYYYY more than he could EVER. Where is that mother of yours to stop you from releasing bullshit like this. While she was hell bent on you not marrying Princess. And if she any kinda woman she would wanna know why you constantly bringing up a TEN-YEAR-OLD RELATIONSHIP!!!

Anyway, I’m done, lemme know what yall know about this mess down below and you know like always

I love you for reading



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