I HOPE YOU AINT ALLERGIC TO BEE STINGS! Kanye West DRAGS Beyonce and Jay Z for Not setting up a Playdate with North and Blue!

Ok I had no intentions on talking about this but the homies insisted so lemme break it down like UGGHHH! (Bruno Mars pun) Ok so yall other favorite rapper, Kanye done fell and bumped his damn head. So as per usual, he was doing a show in Sacramento and he decided to go on an abrupt rant. But sis he done took his antics to a whole new level this time. Get into the clip of foolishness below and then let’s have a kiki!

Ooooook. So, first lemme just say as a card holder in the Gemini club for 26 years, 5 months and a day, WE NO LONGER ARE CLAIMING THIS FOOL! Secondly after this rant, HE ENDED THE SHOW!!!! CRAZY ASS BASTARD!

The first thing I wanna point out is, the same fool who stormed on stage and told Taylor Swift that Beyoncé had the greatest video of all time and should’ve won the award over her…. but in the next breath you tell us “FUCK WINNING!” If Beyoncé wanna tell somebody she aint showing up unless she wins an award, then so be it! Shit quite frankly if you watch these shows enough, you know that already. If Beyoncé shows up, you better be giving her an award and she gone get on that stage. It’s just protocol.

And another thing; JAY Z PLEASE CALL THIS MAN!!!! Hell, have Blue call North cause if you ask me that’s all he really wants! Nori needs a playdate and Royalty is busy being cute and fabulous! He is really hurt that apparently, him and Jay haven’t talked in a significant amount of time but I just can’t deal with this man at this point. I haven’t been a Kanye fan since his first album. Since Stacey Dash left his ass at the airport!

He also discussed how if he voted, he would’ve voted for Trump but that’s his business and yall know I don’t drag people for their political views. What’s good for the goose aint always good for the gander honey and that’s all imma say about that! HAKUNA MATA!!!!

Kanye please go find a seat. Quite frankly the Beyhive is gone find you a SLEW of seats. Cause I know this when you shade the QUEEN, the Hive comes immediately after! And if you’ve seen his IG page, you know this to be true!

So lemme know what yall think about this fool below and you know,

I love you for reading!



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