Prom Night Pressed! Blac Chyna DRAGS Wendy Williams over comments we done ALL said about her ass before!

Now I don’t like to do this cause I genuinely like Blac Chyna and I watched her cuss Rob out and kick his ass out 27 times on their special Rob and Chyna on E! So I’m not bias in this commentary this is just how the hell I feel OK!

So on Fridays Wendy Williams Show, Wendy discussed the possibility of a Rob and Chyna’s baby delivery special. During her kiki she in so many words said that Chyna is taking advantage of Rob and milking this for all it’s worth. Check out her exact words below and then let’s talk.

So I guess it’s Saturday and Chyna caught wind of the gossip queens commentary and decided to get pressed like she ain’t never heard this shit about herself before and DRAG WENDY FOR FILTH! Here’s the post!

6tag-1245946604-1377053918932857216_1245946604.jpgOK so let’s read. 📚📚📚📚📚 Chyna honey, I’ve heard worst about you than this. Why did you decide to go after Wendy? Cause I know a BUNCH of other people who have BEEN dragging you for this relationship with Rob but for some reason today, Wendy was your target. I think I know why, easy target. She’s not gonna respond to it. And she’s the one person most celebrities’ decide to pick a fight with because it’s easy!

The gag of this all for me is, Wendy showed you and your mother love on her show and this isn’t her first time discussing you and your relationship. Though I commend you for having to take a stand for your family and unborn child, I feel like the attack was kinda pointless.

As previously stated, she’s not gonna respond, she probably won’t even see this shit. But I guess therapist are going out of style so you needed to vent on social media.

Ok this is me live! I typed the above portion of this mess while I was at work but get into this development! Tokyo Toni got something to say too! Girl read this shit!


YOU FOOL! Now Tokyo you know I like you more than I like your daughter. But sis do you REALLY believe you about to tie up the NYC Court system with this foolishness and a judge will actually sit and hear you. Do us all a favor and have SEVERAL!



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