NEW MUSIC: Bruno Mars “Versace On The Floor”

My wigs are never safe when Bruno Mars is anywhere around! He done released ANOTHER song that is currently playing as I give you this tea! It’s called “Versace on the Floor!” Check it out below and then let’s gag!

After 24K Magic I didn’t know what Bruno was gone hit me with next! I know this, THIS SONG IS THE AIR I BREATHE! AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO WENT TO VERSACE WEBSITE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO BUY SO I CAN OUT IT ON THE FLOOR?! I don’t understand do these producers he works with not exist unless he calls for him. Because when I say NO ONE makes music like Bruno Mars. I have never run into a Bruno song I didn’t absolutely LOVE! I guess in a sense this is true artistry but it makes me wonder, WHAT THE HELL IS EVERYBODY ELSE DOING?!

Anyway, his new album is coming, Nov 18 so I guarantee you; THIS ASS WILL BE IN TARGET READY TO BUY! Add this to my collection of incomparable Bruno Mars records. How do you feel about Bruno Mars new song? BTW I’ve never heard anyone say they didn’t like Bruno Mars…. just a sidebar…. ok!

I love you for reading!



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