Gigi Hadid Ain’t Getting No Good Sex from Zayn Malik; (allegedly) according to Perrie Edwards of Little Mix! “Shout Out to My Ex” REVIEW and DRAG!

So, listen to me Librarians! I’ve been wanting to talk to ya’ll about this shade for a week now but I been pre-occupied but believe you me, TONIGHT I GOT TIME FOR IT! So ya’ll know Little Mix, right? Ok you might not but you REALLY should! I love them! Ever since I saw them on the Wendy Williams Show back when they first album came out a few years back. But that’s neither here nor there. So back in that time one of the members, Perrie Edwards was engaged to ex-One Direction’s Zayn Malik. At that time, he was still in the group.

So, you know they broke up right, a little while ago and he’s been dating that Gigi Hadid girl (whose been attached to a whole lot of men but not judging) Before I tell ya’ll about the drag let’s play a good ol game of “Who’d you Rather” Perrie on the Left, Gigi on the right.

One things for sure,he has a type! Ok so time for the mess. So, Little Mix released a new song called, “Shout Out to My Ex” and it was written by guess who, PERRIE ASS!!! And bitch it’s MESSY!!! Here’s my favorite line,

“I hope she’s getting better sex, hope she aint faking it like I did”

GIRL I LIKED TO DIED WHEN I HEARD THAT LINE!!!! So, all that Pillow Talking is for nothing huh! And here’s why I believe her. Normally when people break up, generally the first thing the woman must attack is the guys sex game. But they we’re ENGAGED! And she waited sometime before she told us that his sex game was WHACK! There’s also a scene from the music video where she throws a teddy bear that she was given by Zayn out a moving car!


Ya’ll I love the mess and I love Little Mix. I’m relating to this song but my ex sex was good so I can’t fully relate. Anywho if you love the mess leave us a comment and I’ll leave the video here so you guys can gag to! And as always

I love you for reading!



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