IT’S THE FUTURE I CAN SEE! Raven Symone leaving The View and ushering in RAVEN BAXTER for “That’s So Raven” Reprise

I’LL BUY IT! I’LL SUPPORT IT! Hell, I’ll even pay for it.

I always said that Raven would never leave The View. She’s good for ratings and I love the mess. But for this reason, I’ll walk her ass right off that stage. So, this morning Raven announced that she will be leaving The View at the end of this year! She will be leaving her morning show gig to reprise a That’s So Raven Reboot! Here’s the clip from this morning’s show, watch and then let’s chat! BTW, if you’re under the age of 25, don’t even bother this post!

So, Raven, since I’m sure you’ll take a suggestion, I have a few for this new reprise. Just hear me out oh and tell my Jussie I said HEEEEYYYY! (You know Raven and Jussie from Empire are BFF’s so we’re all practically related)

  1. Wear what you wore to the View on this new show! I lived for Raven’s fashions on The View. It was always over the top from the hair to the make-up I mean it ALL! I remember on the original show Raven Baxter made her own clothes so we need to continue that trend.
  2. LEAVE ORLANDO BROWN ASS AT HOME! I don’t want NOTHING to do with that fool! Not to mention, he’s a road lizard and I don’t want that bad mojo on this new show. I want clean, fun, festive stuff. Chelsea can come back oh and of course Corey but Eddie, Eddie gotta stay at home.
  3. Don’t too Disney it up! Now I know it’s gonna be a Disney Channel thing but sis your main That’s So Raven fans (my generation) have kids now. So, make this a show that we ALL can watch. Cause girl the programming on the Disney Channel NOW!!! I’m not even gonna go there, but its working on BET-ish!

That’s all I got for right now Raven! I’m so excited for this new venture and I hope you take some of our considerations to heart. We’ll keep you posted on the tea as we get it and as always

I love you for reading



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