Ok…. the gag is I’ve been waiting for on this Joanne album for idk how long and I must say with Perfect Illusion, I was expecting an off the charts album. Now I’m not gone say the cd is trash, but this is what I am gone say. It wasn’t what I expected.

I did find a few songs on the album that I absolutely LIVE for. I’m not like some of these other bloggers that listen to a few bars of the song and say yea I listened to the entire album. I took a detail listen to the entire album, every song at least twice. And I found maybe 4 songs that I can add to my Gaga Playlist.

The first one obviously being Perfect Illusion. This song was the first YASSS GAWD! That set the bar for me and I think that’s why I was sitting listening like, “Girl you gave me Perfect Illusion and then the rest of this?” However, I digress.

BITCH BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM IS A BOP CALLED “DANCING IN CIRCLES!” When I say the song caught my collar and snatched my wig right off. The song is so sketchy and the beat goes AWF! Girl I had to turn this shit on while I was typing this blog. I imagine if I was ever in the club and drunk (but I don’t drink no more) I feel like if this song came on, EVERYBODY is getting some twerk action from me!

I like Million Reason and I really like Hey Girl! You know my girl Florence Welch is in that song and I LIVE for her ass! Anytime I hear her I’m tuned in.

The gag is, I can find something I like in almost any album, so no album is truly 100% a flop for me. But I can tell you this much, I’ve seen a bunch of drags online. I’ve also seen some good ones too but the bad is out weighting the good at this point. My Gaga album scale is ranked as follows below!

The Fame Monster>The Fame>Born this Way>ARTPOP>Joanna

If you guys have taken a listen lemme know how ya’ll feel about the album. Imma keep listening and maybe I’ll find another hidden gem but for now, this is how I’m feeling.


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