“SURVIVING DRE….I MEAN COMPTON” Michel’le SPILLS in Lifetime Biopic and somebody gone fall on this TEA!

GIIIIIRRRRRLLLLLL DID YOU SEE DR.DRE BEAT MICHEL’LE ASS FOR 2 HOURS LAST NIGHT ON SURVIVNG COMPTON!? That movie was MESSY AS HELL! The gag is, I was watching like shit, I’m getting tired of her getting her ass kicked. IM TIRED FOR HER ASS! But lemme tell you this and then imma let ya’ll watch the review on our YouTube. The actress who played Michel’le NEEDS AN OSCAR! First, for getting her voice right. Secondly for all them beat downs she took! I’m on my way over to Google to check on the Beats stock and see have they went down yet cause after that, I’m sure somebody pockets gone feel this! Anywho go ahead and check out our full review video below and you know

I love you for reading/watching




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