You know what, I’m about SICK of Demi Lovato ol miserable ass! Now I was holding off on reading her ass because of the stuff that she’s been through but enough is E-DAMN-NOUGH! Now she been throwing shade at Taylor Swift for EVER and I haven’t said anything but her most recent stunt, I have to address!

So she did an interview where she felt the need to throw shade at Taylor and her group of friends. She said in so many words, “yo friends aren’t realistic and they reinforce negative body images to little girls!”

WHY YOU ARE SO HELL BENT ON THROWING SHADE AT TAYLOR SWIFT I WILL NEVER KNOW. LEAVE THAT GIRL ALONE! Girl this ol irrelevant ass beef, well shit I won’t even call it a beef cause Taylor never responds to yo miserable ass! She got me all twisted in the wind. Now I’m no Swifty, but you not about to just keep throwing daggers for no reasons and aint nobody checking for yo ass! The ONLY reason we ever mention your name is because your always talking S about Taylor!

Don’t you got a tour to do with one of them Jonas boys! Or is that not taking up enough of your time so you have to sit and talk shit about artist who DON’T have time to throw shade. I’m sick of the foolishness. After this post Demi, I’m not talking about this anymore. You are a miserable soul and you need to go to therapy to talk about your inner demons. I’m done and you know,

I love you for reading…. but not you Demi!



Now Funky Dineva taught me to never tear somebody down without extending a hand to lift them up. Demi is talented, GORGEOUS, and a bunch of other adjectives i don’t feel like mentioning. So I will never know why she has so much hate inside of her. Maybe she should go work with Disney kids and mentor them or something but she has to find something constructive to do with her time than this. That’s all!


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