NEW MUSIC: Bruno Mars “24K Magic” VIDEO AND SONG

OK sis lemme first start by saying Bruno Mars can do NO WRONG in my eyes! I don’t care what ANYBODY says! I haven’t come across one Bruno song I didn’t like. And ever since his last album, I’ve been waiting for something new from Bru Bru with the exception of Uptown Funk.

BITCH HE DELIVER’T!!!! “24K Magic” is the newest single that Bruno released not only the song, but video too last night at midnight. Now I was drunk and sleep so I missed it I did see tweets this morning and listened to it on my way home from Burger King this morning and I tell you what!!! GET INTO IT BELOW AND THEN WE’LL KIKI!

DID YOU SNATCH YOUR WIG OFF AND THROW IT AT ME!?!? Bruno Mars has the appeal of the coolest man on the planet! And if I didn’t know any better I would assume he was high as a kite cause he just glides around like he’s not even walking! That would probably explain why when I listen to his music I feel high too. CONTACT HIGH!

The video was cool or whatever. After the first 38 seconds, I knew what it was gone be. A big party in Vegas video and that’s it. But it fit well with the song so I ALLOWED IT! Anyway I absolutely LOVE and can’t wait for this new album to add to my Bruno album collections. Let us know what you think about the 4-year anticipated return of Bru Bru Mars and as always

I love you for reading





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