Kim Kardashian ROBBED: The Library Weighs In!

Now that I done gathered as much information as I possibly could, I’ll weigh in on this entire Kim Kardashian being robbed situation. Now ya’ll know Kim is my girlfriend, longtime girlfriend that is but that will not make this a bias post. I had to check on her and make sure she was ok before I did anything! But let’s get into the facts.

So Kim was down to Paris Fashion Week and she had left an event. Her sister Kendall and Kourtney decided to go to the club house and Kim said fuck this shit I’m going home. Home as in her private apartment in Paris. So it’s about 2 AM and her lover wouldn’t answer so some THUGS decided they were gone get her ass.

So the robbers went and stuck up the concierge and forced him to let them into Kim’s room. Once they got in, they got Kim ass threw her in the bathtub, tied her ass up and taped her mouth shut. They then commenced to steal 10M in jewelry including a ring worth 4.9M so it probably wasn’t an immense amount of jewelry. Oh and they took two of her cell phone. Now the reason I don’t care about the cell phone is cause aint nothing in it that we haven’t seen before.

Now some more details done came about. Apparently one of Kim’s makeup artist was also in the room. This hussy heard what was going on and went and hid in one of the bathrooms. Talk about a punk ass! Now they had guns but hell you couldn’t call nobody for help or nothing shit! I would fire her ass RIGHT AWAY!

So at this point, nothing has been said by the Kardashian Krew at this point. They on LOCK DOWN HONEY! But I tell you what, Imma need somebody to tell me something cause these reports aren’t enough. Kim was reportedly shaken up BADLY but not physically harmed. So I’ll be keeping you guys up on this story as we get more details. Kim, I love you and I’ll talk to you soon. And you guys know,

I love you for reading!



I was thinking when I first heard this story that it was a publicity thing for the new season of KUWTK but then I found out there were no cameras on sight when the shit went down. Which leads me to believe this was an inside job! But that’s just my opinion.


As of yesterday, Kim has said she is taking a month off from work due to the situation that went down. Also KUWTK has been shut down-indefinitely as of Wednesday. So after 12 seasons, some of ya’ll finally got what you wanted. Keeping Up With The Kardashians is finally cancelled.


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