Presidential Debate Hilary vs Donald #DEBATES

Now one thing you know I don’t do is politics. But after watching Love and Hip Hop last night and I was nice and tipsy I decided hell let’s get informed. So I sat through what may as well been a part two of Love and Hip Hop! The girls were loud talking and everything only thing they was missing was drink throwing! But let’s get into some more serious teas.

After about an hour and a half, the liquor got the best of me and I was knocked out but some observations from last night. Both of they asses Hilary and Donald didn’t really directly answer many question but Hilary answered more than Donald. Shit he was talking about everything else but what the damn moderator asked his ass about. In the first 30 minutes, Twitter had started a drinking game on how many times he mentions Mexico. Shit I thought for a second he was running to be the president down there!

Another thing I noticed about Donald ol messy hair ass, he talked for that hour and thirty minutes I watched about nothing but his endorsements, property and how the issues directly affected his wealthy ass. BITCH YOU DON’T NEED THE HELP! HOW YOU GONE HELP MY ASS IS WHAT THE MODERATOR WAS ASKING! Just watching him even on the stage fighting for PRESIDENCY was laughable!

Hilary was getting him bodied though I tell you what! Every time he tried throwing shade she flipped that little bob and gave it right back with a smile. She really pulled that card when she asked about them tax returns. Now lemme discuss something real quick cause ya’ll know I don’t know. So he basically said he aint paid taxes since 2010 and that it was a “smart” business move. Can somebody explain that shit to me cause my ass been paying taxes since I was 14 and I’d love to know what the fuck I’m doing wrong!

Now why that monkey had to bring up them emails idk cause quite frankly, them emails aint gone make me no never mind! At this point voting is gone be a damned if you do and damned if you don’t. But in The Library standards Hilary won this debate. Or at least the first hour and a half that I watched lol!

If you watched, leave a comment on who you think slayed the debate and don’t tell us who you’re voting for cause the shit aint our business. And as always

I love you for reading!



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