I TELL YOU WHAT! FROM JUMP EMPIRE HAD MY WIG TWISTED IN THE GAME!!! RHONDA IS DEAD TO THE BED…. or better yet dead to the car. Girl Jamal has PTSD, Andre is now what imma call a SUPER FRUIT FLY and Hakeem is a lush! Cookie and Luscious aint never eva eva eva getting back together. Tariq the freak is trying to get Luscious locked up! Anika done had the baby. Gabby is still in small clothes but her hair is LAYED! I CAN’T DEAL! EMPIRE IS BACK BITCHES!!!!

Now I don’t know who Lee Daniels thinks he is, but the way Rhonda body crashed into that car, I jumped, fell out my bed and when I looked up I seen her ass laying DEADASS! Andre is gone need to up his dosage for real now cause honey not only has his unborn child died, his wife almost died, and then she died for real! He gone be bat shit crazy!

Now after Rhonda kicked the bowling ball, Anika got chocked up by Andre and her water broke. She went into labor while her baby daddy Hakeem at Tiana house trying to look but don’t touch! However, “HUSBAND” Luscious was right there for delivery. It’s a girl btw.

Jamal is set to perform at this huge Empire event for the first time since that crazy ass Freedia shot his ass. Now he suffering from PTSD, baby boy got on stage and had a STRAIGHT EPISODE! So you know I started crying cause I hate seeing Jamal going through ANYTHING but giving and getting life. But that little girl that song his song, HONEY SHE SANG HER FACE THE FUCK OFF! I WAS LIKE OK GIRL. Apparently she’s Xzhibit niece or something or another.

As for Cookie and Luscious, they’re a wrap and I believe it for good this time. After that marriage, I think Cookie really has had it up to HERE with the fuckery of it all. Ummmmm for the most part honey that was it! This season premiere gave me everything I needed in this life of sin! I’m just glad everybody is back and shit Rhonda is still here in the afterlife! Leave us a comment and let us know what you think and we’ll be reading in The Library every Wednesday 9/8 c only on Fox. And you know

I love you for reading!



UMMMMM Leave French Montana and that Bird Man at home Lee. That’s all!



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