“BITCH YOU DON’T KNOW BEYONCE?!” Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Episode 6 REVIEW

You know what forget the rest of the episode because I just need to fire off on Brandi psychopathic ass! Well you know what lemme go ahead and tell ya’ll about the rest of the show.

Oh btw if you missed the title this is the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood episode 6 REVIEW. Now for the reads. GIRL SAFAREE IS A DAMN CLOWN! Girl he done allowed the shows creep squad leader Ray J to convince him that he has what it takes to demand basically a threesome with my girl Ms. Nikki Baby and her little swirly girlfriend whose name escapes me. Bitch when I say they shut his ass down so hard! Safaree why would you EVER take relationship advice from Ray J?! Shit for that matter everybody who you was getting advice from was having relationship problems or not in one at all! Except for that dirty looking man A1. He and his WIFE seem to be doing well and even thought she lied about writing that song for Beyoncé she seems nice.

Anyway Willie wife is leaving his ass, as she should because he aint shit! Oh speaking of Ray J, he been ducking and dodging Princess like she got the Zika virus. I actually felt something for Princess and I don’t say that often. Ok now lemme fire off on Brandi crazy ass!

Now Masika I commend you for having that baby and getting back to work. I didn’t know you were a singer too but I guess. Now Masika minding her business trying to work with Max which is Brandi husband and this psycho ass skally wag come barging into their session?! Slinging accusations that Masika was sleeping with one of her friend’s husbands. Just shit that she didn’t even know was true but she starting throwing shots and acting a plum FOOL!

THEN SHE GOT THE NERVE TO SAY SHE’S FRIENDS WITH BEYONCE! BITCH FIRST LYRICA WROTE JEALOUS AND NOW YOU AND BEYONCE ARE BESTIES! GIRL HAVE A SEAT! I need receipts and I don’t mean no screenshots from the Formation tour cause honey I can google that! But Brandi has really been rubbing me the wrong way ever since she took that babies money. IDGAF if you had the intentions of putting it back or not, it’s the fact that you went behind your husband back and risk money that didn’t even belong to you on a business that I ain’t sure is still opened or not but I’ll find out just you wait.

Anywho the episode was cute or whatever. Next Week Teairra is going to jail. I mean we don’t know that but you remember that incident she had with the uber driver. Well they got that footage covered on this season so we’ll be watching. We’ll see you next week in The Library!


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