American Horror Story Season 6 Premiere

It’s a little later than usual but imma digress and get right into it. So American Horror Story Season 6 premiered yesterday and I was drunk! (starting to see a pattern) Anyway I was all excited for this new season because I binged watched the first 4 seasons on Netflix last Fall and then watched Hotel so now imma fan honey. But this season premiere was slow for me!

I mean I didn’t want ya’ll to jump right into the gore and the things but shit, this was really setting the scene something serious. So we have a couple who decided to move into the got damn woods in the middle of racist town and got the nerve to be an interracial couple! Yea that doesn’t spell TROUBLE! They better than me cause I wouldn’t spend the day let alone the night in that damn house. It looks like some ol plantation house where somebody may or may not have been killed during the slavery era of American history so you know spirits and shit is running around causing HAVOC!

Was it just me or did ya’ll pick up on the two Lady Gaga references. I just knew she was gone show up the first episode. The crazy ass wife was sitting at home minding her business and it’s begins to hail. Or so we think. She goes outside and bitch it’s raining human ass teeth! I WAS LIKE HELL NAW WHERE IS GAGA! SHOW ME YOUR TEETH HONEY! Then the crazy racist people left a damn dead ass pig on they door step and Cuba had went and found the shit. Reference number two *Swine-Art Pop* But no Gaga yet.

But I did get Auntie Angela! She’s Cuba sister in this mess. And an ex-cop/prescription pill popper (say that three times fast) who apparently doesn’t drink! WHY SHELBY!?

Any who the episode like I said was slow but I’m sure within the next week some shit will begin to hit the fan. And I’ll be there live tweeting with you guys every Wednesday on America Horror Story airs Wednesday nights 10/9 c on FX and you know


I love you for reading




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