Rob and Chyna Premiers on E!

So tonight was the damn night that I don’t know about yall but I’ve had on my calendar for MONTHS! Rob and Chyna finally premiered on E! and it was cute or whatever! Lemme tell ya’ll the good, then I’ll get into the bad…

So the show is gonna follow Rob Kardashian and his now fiancé Blac Chyna during her pregnancy and his weight lost. You know just another Kardashian show. But the gag is, there was just something extremely ghetto about this show. Did ya’ll notice it or was it just me. Like the intro was all sketchy, and the little scene shifts just was like graffiti and grungy looking. I might just be nit-picking but I was offended, Khloe and Lamar had a cute little title sequence and Rob and Chyna get this South Central ass intro! Moving on!

They did bring the most dramatic scene from the trailers to the first episode which I could appreciate. Chyna has an underlined issue with Rob being a mama’s boy and not a full grown man. Which we’ve all know since, shit since we’ve know him. He still has breast milk in his fridge so I don’t know what Chyna was expecting but a little boy. Not to mention his self-esteem isn’t fully repaired due to his weight. He looks great though because HONEY!!!! Before he was blimp, now he’s like a baby blimp.

We were introduced to Chyna’s ratchet ass friends that I love. I forgot the girls with the big booty name but I like her. Her son is so cute; you know the one with that good for nothing typa brotha Tyga. The show seems more like it’s gonna be an introduction to Chyna more so than anything else and how she interacts with the Kardashian Klan! (Which I’ll allow)

Oh and did I mention they revealed that they are having a girl. And Rob looked like somebody pee’d in his frosted flakes.

All in all, I liked the episode. I will be tuned in every Sunday to kiki with yall for it. 9/8 c on E! And as always


I love you for reading




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