Dancing with the Stars Premiere “Boom Kacks and DRAMA” (Is this Making Da Band?)

OUR SHOW IS BACK! Dancing with the Stars premiered for its 23 season last night and the show was filled with 8 counts, boom kacks and DRAMA HONEY! So when I saw the cast I was automatically tuning in because Maksim is back and yall know he’s one of my favorites. Then they had the NERVE to pair him with another one of my life favorites, AMBER ROSE!!! I was in after that! But also on is Shady-Face…. I mean Baby Face, Marsha from the Brady Bunch or Maureen McCormick (I wonder does she have anything to do with the spice brand McCormick…) Calvin Johnson, Vanilla Ice and a bunch of others!

SO LISTEN TO ME LEMME TELL YALL THE DRAMA OK! So Ryan Lochte is apparently an Olympic athlete and he got into some ish while he was down to the Olympics. Now yall know we don’t do sports here in The Library but when drama and sports meet, I’LL BE THERE! So allegedly he was down to the gas station and he said he was robbed at gun point. Come to find out, HE WAS LYING!!! So all these endorsements dropped his ass like a bad habit and then tonight ON MY DANCE FLOOR two men stormed the stage as protestors!!!! Girl Carrie Ann Inaba didn’t know what the hell was going on down to the dance floor! Check out the video below girl and get popcorn!

Muva Rose did good for it being her first night. Maksim will whip that ass right into shape believe you me OK! Now for me the performance of the night was Vanilla Ice! Him and his professional shut that shit DOWN! Now it wasn’t ballroom, it was more hip-hop with a sprinkle of ballroom BUT I GOT MY ICE ICE LIFE! Babyface dance like yo annoying uncle down to the family reunion and I just will never forgive him for stealing all Toni Braxton money like he allegedly did and got her selling out casinos around the country OK!

Now I was drunk and fell asleep so that’s all I saw. But really, that’s all I was looking for. I’ll be watching this season. Dancing with The Stars airs LIVE Monday nights 8/7 c on NBC. Leave us a comment on your favorite and as always


I love you for reading




Thats opening number, was EVERYTHING! Ok I’m done!


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