NEW MUSIC: Lady Gaga “Perfect Illusion”

IT WASN’T LOVE!!!! IT WASN’T LOVE!!!! I WAS A PERFECT ILLUSION!!!! When I tell yall I done stayed up to midnight waiting for Lady Gaga’s return and it was worth the no sleep and the bags I might have developed! Check out her new single below and then we’ll kiki!

I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE! I can see myself driving down the highway SCREAMING this song at my windshield like it broke up with my ass. Now if you’re looking for “pop”y Gaga, go back to Art Pop because this song is a WHOLE new sound for Gaga! Imma wake up my damn neighbors cause when I say I got this song on repeat turned ALL the way up!

I absolutely LOVE it! You guys leave us a comment on how you feel about the new single “Perfect Illusion” by Mother Monster below and as always

I love you for reading



Is this song shade to her failed engagement to Taylor…..or am I just being messy???


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