NEW MUSIC “The Pinkprint Freestyle” Nicki Minaj

I BEEN GONE FOR A MINUTE NOW IM BACK WITH THE JUMP OFF…. lemme not say that cause she might get offended…. ummmm Nicki Minaj dropped a freestyle on Sound Cloud over the weekend while we was down to the family BBQ! Take a listen below and then we’ll talk!

Now I’m very objective! Nicki been gone for 2 years and when you just bounce like that…. wait lemme stop. For me; she been gone longer than that cause I didn’t check for the Pink Print album but I was about to forget about Nicki Minaj had I not seen her down to the VMA’s giving BAWDY in that blue dress! But that’s not what were here to talk about.

The freestyle was cute or whatever classic Nicki and you know I love me some classic Itty Bitty Piggy Nicki ok! Then she just went left and talk just talking WRECKLESS! Claiming she made these bitch rock pink hair…. made these bitches want a fat ass……made these bitches use metaphors. Girl I rolled my eyes so hard they fell out my head! But imma pay it and move on.

So it was a nice little tie over for the Barbz and the Ken Barbz to feel while they await a new album. IS SHE STILL ON TOUR?! Cause these pregnancy rumors is swirling and I aint one to start no rumors but you know I’ll spread one after I research it! LOL Let us know if you’re feeling Nicki’s new freestyle and you know


I love you for reading




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