Diddy feels “Short-Changed” by Obama, talks on Rev. Al Sharpton Talk Show

You know normally I give yall a little something you can feel before I get into the subject at hand but this time, just watch the video and the reads will follow. (if you’re inpatient like me just skip to 4:20 and on)

Now I’m all for a matter of opinion, CLEARLY however Papa Diddy Pop…no you didn’t sit down to The Shady Sharpton Show and throw dirt on our president name! Now here’s the gag….Diddy you ain’t necessarily known for your….how can I say this. Oh I know, when you mention “short changing” somebody…your names usually rings a bell! We not gone pretend like we didn’t read the allegation of you short changing ALL the Bad Boy and Bad Girl artist (with the exception of Cassie who aint had a hit since “Me and You” but ironically still has a deal) BUT THAT’S ALL ALLEGED and none of my business!

And why wait until the end of his presidency to throw shade! They packing they clothes as we speak and you wanna come on the show and talk mess. If you felt that way, you should’ve said something when he probably could’ve addressed your concerns but shit he just called the uber! They bout to go!

Ya’ll know I mind my business when it comes to politics but I think Diddy is trying to push the sales for this Bad Boy Reunion tour, which I heard was doing good so I don’t know why he would start throwing darts but like Moose Nene taught us, “You never can win when you play dirty” …. Dirty Money…. Diddy Dirty Money…. catch my drift.

I love you for reading!!!



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