Chris Brown in a STAND-OFF with the 504 Boys!!!! *UPDATE* BROWN ARRESTED

CHRIS WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!! Now I’m minding my business trying to get ready for the show down to the Radio One, I turn my computer on and my “Chris Brown” alert starts pinging out of control! Now imma just tell yall what’s being alleged, what Chris says and then what I think is going on!

So according to TMZ the 504 boys were called to Brown Manor by a woman who we now know as SUSAN! At least that’s what imma call her ass cause somebody lying! Now Susan alleges that she was at Brown Manor partying…. you know what I’ll let her tell you what she says happens!


Now I tell you what. Somebody lying! First of all, if you didn’t sign the non-disclosure form then you shouldn’t have a problem giving all the details that Harley asked ya ass! Not to mention she look like she was looking for some trouble. NOW WHAT THE HELL WAS RAY J DOING THERE! You know what where ever he is, there is trouble!

Now Chris is saying he don’t know what the hell is going on! He said his ass was sleep and he woke up to the helicopters and shit swarming around his house! Now Chris has been doing good and I don’t think there should be this kind of a standoff going on right now! I don’t know but I tell you what, shits getting deep! But I tell you what, I don’t believe all of what she’s saying. Somebody telling a lie and I guess I’ll keep updating you guys with more updates and things of that nature.

As of right now, I love you for reading!!!



BITCH THEY DONE ARRESTED CHRIS AND CHARGED HIS ASS WITH ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON!!!! JESUS TAKE THIS WHEEL!!!! The LAPD of whoever gave a half way house update where they stated he was taking down and will be charged and processed! Chris this time I really don’t believe you did nothing, so imma ride with you until an investigation goes down!


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