“Lies and Lace Fronts” LOVE AND HIP HOP S3E2 REVIEW

I know this. If I didn’t like Moniece before, I definitely don’t like her ass now. But I’ll talk about her punk ass in detail a little later. Anyway the second episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood just went off and no I’m not watching the after show cause I don’t care about Masika Wapp! Let’s get into this episode shall we.

The episode started where we left off last week with Shanda dragging Willie ass through the mud and him denying it for his life. Here’s the gag, I believe every single word that Keshia girl was saying. I believe he be hitting her up, I believe she was pregnant, I believe it all! I don’t know why but I just do. However, Willie wants us to believe she just lying about all this. Nigga please and Shanda know it. That’s why she jumped across that table on her ass! Moving on!

Brandi crazy ass and her husband is setting up a trust fund for their son in the amount of $27,000. Now why the hell he brought this money in a ol target feux leather satchel in all 5’s I don’t know but that some ol Phaedra Parks legal team shit! That’s 54,000 bills yall rolling around in! Fraudulent!

Yall home girl Masika is back. I still say to this day Fetty Wapp was her ticket back on the show. But she’s back, nothing I can do now. And she’s taking Fetty down to the child support to get her rightful coins. Yall remember when he was draggin her for filth on the IG and Tweet Tweet. If she keeps hanging with that Moniece character though I don’t know if Imma be able to rock with her.

Ray J and Princess has their engagement party and there will be no prenup! Ray J pulled an extravagant stunt with a speech and all. BTW I love Brandy! Did I mention THE VOCAL BIBLE! Was so glad to see her on this episode. But that’s all and mama Sonya is PISSED!

Moniece dropped some tea this week that she slept with Ray J 10 years ago. Not that anyone hasn’t hell I slept with ray j too! We all have! (sex tape wise not literally) But the way she using that as leverage over Princess is what completely turned me off from her for good. And I hope and pray Princess bite is tough as her bark cause I want her to whoop Moniece ASS!

So that’s all the important teas from this week. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for live tweets every week Twitter.com/TheLibraryRadio and catch Love and Hip Hop Hollywood every Monday 8/7 c only on VH1 and as always

I love you for reading



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