“We are baked” Smollett Eats Premiers on Food Network and it was LIFE!

I had all but giving up hope on Food Network with the exception of Barefoot Contessa and her popped collars. But today Smollett Eats premiered, actually it just went off and I must say, I WILL BE HERE EVERY WEEKEND! Now lemme just give you some tea cause I tell you what, them boogie ass Lemon Lavender cupcakes looked good as hell but Jazz girl, where I get them ingredients from? AMAZON?! Maybe I’ll stop down by the Whole Food cause you know they got everything that’s yo local Save-a-Lot don’t OK!

Is it me or after watching them do you wanna be an honorary Smollett. First of all, ALL OF THEM FINE AS HELL! No disrespect to the ones that’s married but that’s just a good looking ass family. And they fun too. AND EVERYBODY COOKING! SIGN ME UP!

And another thing, lemme tell you about little Nylah! I can see why everyone was Goo-Goo eyes over her. Honey she hit the scene with that little pink chef hat with her name on it! I was like I want to put her in my pocket she is so cute! Jazz you and Hubby did that OK!

It was great to see another dynamic of Jussie too. Yea he’s Jamal and things but before that, he’s Jussie and he so corny and goofy! Nacho Business! I can’t with him! They cooked them little sandwiches though. I might need the whole sheet pan for me though cause I’m grown as hell!

Anyway Librarians the show is cute and it’s everything! I can’t wait till next week and I tell you what Food Network. Ya’ll need to give them a full hour! That little 30 minutes was here and gone in no damn time! Hell I aint seen a black family I liked on ya station since the Neelys and we all know where that went, but I aint going there. Anyway Smollett Eats airs Saturday Afternoons 12:30/ 11:30 c on Food Network! I can’t wait to see my sibling next week and as always

I love you for reading!



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