Selena Gomez DRAGS Justin Bieber and engages #SelenaEndedJustinParty on Twitter

There is no other party I would rather tootsie roll and 1 2 Step into than this one! Justin Bieber been working my nerves more than a little bit as of lately and his antics have really just gotten out of hand to me. Now ya latest album is cute or whatever but be clear; after you canceled them fan meet and greet due to alleged “anxiety”, then that video surfaced of you throwing something you signed at a fan like “here bitch” like WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! Oh and if you forgot…here’s the video! (Don’t play with me)

So that was when I was kinda done with him cause that was just disrespectful beyond belief. So apparently this clown is now dating Lionell Richie’s daughter, (not Nicole she has sense) Sofia. But she’s not very important in this story so you don’t really need to know her name. Any who so you know the Beliebers who still think one day they will meet Justin and be together forever have been trolling this girls page DOGGING HER ASS! Now mind you, these kids are like no older than 17 just petty ass internet bullies. So instead of her handling it, Justin decided to do so with the following post….

bieb.jpgGIRL HE CALLED THEM FANS! Somebody got a big head! And I aint talking bout in a good way! So the new Savior of the Beliebers Selena Gomez decided to chime in with more than two cent honey! She gave a whole collection plate! Get into what she had to say, then what Justin replied (subliminally) and then how Selena went MK FINISH HIM on his ass!

Twitter6dd7593.jpgFUCK THIS TEA CUP! IM GUZZLING ICED TEA FROM A WATER BOTTLE!!!! SHE GATHERED HIS ASS INTO A PILE AND SCATTERED HIM INTO THE PACIFIC OCEAN! So now that you got all the facts, let’s talk about how I feel and do some reading honey. So no I don’t condone the Beliebers dragging that little girl, however if she felt a certain kinda way, she’s old enough to defend herself. You old enough to have a 22-year-old boyfriend little miss 17-year-old! Just saying!

Now to Justin. Sis let’s have a kiki. Now I know you having trouble with the whole “child star going adult” situation. Trust me you aint the first and won’t be the last but sis this behavior is just out of hand. And another thing, Selena Gomez been making money on her own since you were a thought in your father’s ball sack. Sorry, there was just no other way to put it. This bitch was on Barney! He wasn’t alive yet! Just saying so your “for attention” comment is denied. SOMEBODY SERVE HIM A SLICE OF HUMBLE PIE CHILLED WITH REDIWHIP ON ME!

Now Selena, wasn’t nobody talking to you but BITCH I LIVE! I’m glad you stepped in cause somebody needs to drag his ass once or twice! And then she continued the shade by posting a photo of her fans. The captions give you all the shade you need! Selena is my new fav (for now)

wp_ss_20160815_0002.pngSo whose team are you on. Team Selena or Team Justin? You know where I’m at! Leave us a comment below and as always

I love you for reading!



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