Nia Guzman better go find a damn job cause Judge Hatchet just shut her ass DOWN in Custody Court!

Let this be a lesson for some of yall skally wags out there trying to find a celebrity to make into a meal ticket. Chris Brown done got his life together and he aint taking no shit from his tacky ass baby mama Nia Guzman down to the child support court. Now Judge Hatchet done laid down the law. Lemme tell you what Nia was requesting in court and then I’ll tell you why she got DENIED ON ALL THE SHIT!

  1. Nia filed for full custody of little love muffin Royalty. DENIED! Bitch did you really think you was gone get full custody and take our baby away from us. I mean she is like the worlds baby cause she so cute and stuff and we need photos of her and you don’t take enough for us. But Chris does! Not to mention, after that boyfriend that you had took off I don’t see you fit to have full custody of a pet snail let alone a baby! Hell when that boy was around I saw him with the baby more than you! Just saying moving on!
  2. She wanted Chris visitations to be monitored. DENIED! Who do you think you are Mother Teresa! And as far as we know Chris has REALLY cleaned up his act in the past few years since going public about having a daughter. And didn’t you try that card already earlier in this whole situation when you were alleging that Chris was getting high around Royalty and the judge said NO BITCH! Stop it girl!
  3. She tried to stop Mama Joyce from seeing Royalty. DENIED! Now what the hell did Mama Joyce do to you?! Mama Joyce for yall who don’t know is Chris mom. Now granted Chris did throw a brick through one of her windows allegedly at one point during his crazy phase but we’re all past that now. And we still don’t know what made him do that. That was while he was in rehab right? Neither here nor there moving on!
  4. Lastly she wanted Chris to submit to a drug test! DENIED! It sounds to me like she wants to control Chris! Like what drugs he does is his business! You just looking for some “get back” as the older southern folks would say and the Judge Hatchet must’ve seen what you were doing and shut that shit down.

So to Nia take your $30,000/yr. and keep it pushing. Hell that’s a little less than what I make so it’s just like you working a regular job. And if you wanna live fancy bitch go get you a degree and find a job. I can’t stand when a bitch wants to live off child support but don’t wanna work to support herself. And you know she a fraud cause she was trying to get the shit increased to $16,000/month! Bitch where! You aint work for that; Chris did! That’s $200,000/yr. NO MA’AM!!! Not in this lifetime. You don’t never need that kinda money to take care of no two-year-old! So go get that job we talked about honey and quit trying to live off this man!

Leave us a comment below on what you think on this entire situation and as always,

I love you for reading!



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One response to “Nia Guzman better go find a damn job cause Judge Hatchet just shut her ass DOWN in Custody Court!

  1. Mari j

    Yessss lol life!!!!!!!!!


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