Lil Bow Wow is “Re”TIRED from rap

Ok so this gone be one of those jokes and gags post but I decided to come tell yall this, throw some shade then head to bed. So yall friend Lil Bow Wow announced this week that he was retiring from the rap game to focus on acting. If you ask me according to his record sales this is a decision that’s a few years late…try almost 10! And is it just me or didn’t he retire once before…. I feel like he did or I just wanted him to.

Either way he wants to focus on that little CSI show he does that’s online and he allegedly will have a talk show coming….do we care no but I decided to tell yall anyway. Everybody can’t have a talk show. I’m only allowing Amber Rose to keep hers because it’s on VH1, its late night and we don’t take it too seriously. And she’s actually good at it. But Bow Wow you couldn’t even save 106 & Park and you’re the self-proclaimed MR. 106 & PARK!

Quite frankly the last time we checked for Lil Bow Wow was when he was dating our girl Erica Mena and he had a chance to regain relevance through her but he stole her furniture so she kicked his ass to the curb but you didn’t hear that from me. All alleged! (lmfao)

Any who that’s all I came to tell yall. Let’s play a game. What’s your favorite Lil Bow Wow song? Leave it in the comment section (if you can think of one) And as always

I love you for reading!!



My favorite song is “Shortie Like Mine” and I think I like that song because of Chris Brown….but I’m just saying.


And don’t think we forgot how you forked up the Grammys pre-show last year. Yea you won’t be invited back there either!


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