Work ain’t honest and it still ain’t paying Tyga bills! Warrant issued for the tired rappers arrest in LA!

Shits getting old and so am I so let’s just get right into it. I’m sick of Tyga broke ass! So this mickey fickey was supposed to be down to the court house on Tuesday with his ex-landlord (I know you’re like which one cause he’s allegedly a squatter) but this the one he owes $480,000 in back rent and damages to. Shit Tyga been not paying rent long before I was blogging so just know he been in money trouble. But the gag is, the nigga is on some island with his Toddler in a tiara Kylie and the rest of them young girls for her birthday. So Judge Joe Brown said ISSUE A WARRANT FOR HIS ASS!

For the life of me I don’t understand celebrity finances. Granted Tyga aint made a hit song since…. lemme run to google cause I believe it was Rack City just need the year. Please hold on the line while I transfer your call. Ok 2011! But even then don’t yall hire accountants and financial consultant to pay ya bills and shit on time. I just feel like if I was in a position of that sort I hire me a nice early thirties Asian with swag to make sure my bills are paid every month on time!

Now I just read on People Magazine, that a source is claiming that Tyga, Kylie and Kendall are all unbothered by this and he KNEW he had to go to court but decided to go down to the island any damn way. So you can imagine the frustration of the landlord sitting there waiting on his money and this nigga is somewhere swimming in warm milk! Ok I promise that was the last age joke. AND THEN HE JUST LEASED KYLIE A NEW MAYBACH FOR $200,000!!!! Where is Lisa Left Eye Lopez when I need her cause we about to do some math.

So the car you just brought/leased/Kris paid for was $200,000. Last years present was a Ferrari totaling $260,000. So you’re up to $460,000 which is just $2,000 less than you owe your ex-landlord and Kim can loan you that. WHY WON’T YOU PAY THIS MAN! AND THE REST OF THE PEOPLE YOU OWE MONEY TO! This what blows me, if I owe you some money, imma have this ass sitting in the house not doing shit, you aint gone see me out to boogie ass brunch, buying no fancy ass soap cause I know I owe some money! But this clown out buying/leasing/laundering exotic cars and shit!

I must be living wrong but anyway I guess when he come back from the island the LAPD should just meet his ass at LAX and slap the cuffs on his ass! He been thumbing his nose at the law for some time robbing Kourtney to pay Khloe! Yall better get his finances in order for we start thinking yall frauds too Kardashian Klan.

Leave us a comment is you owe somebody money! And as always

I love you for reading!



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