EMPIRE UPDATES in <300 Words: Mariah Carey Joins Cast

With Empire coming back in just a month I think it’s time for a little Empire update! CUE THE MUSIC!

Ok there is no music but whatever! So our latest development in Fox’s latest cash cow is Mariah Carey has been confirmed as one of the guest of this season. Now hear me out lambs before yall try and drag me. I don’t see it for her. And I’ll tell you why and it’s not a bad thing. Mariah Carey to me has already become a character in a sense. Unless she is playing herself, then I don’t see it. You will not Glitter up Empire ok! Not to mention when she was supposed to be on last season I said I didn’t want a star of her magnitude on the show. Just cause it would take away from the story line for me. In my head. Just me? Ok that’s fine too!

So when we left off Anika and Rhonda are dangling from a damn building about to die and Andre comes running to the rescue. We don’t know what’s gonna happen but I can’t damn wait. Luscious is now married to Anika so she can’t testify against him down to the court of law. Jamal got shot and I cried but he’s alive so I’m ok. Hakeem is getting ready to be a daddy with Anika as the baby mama! Cookie is pissed Luscious is married. Oh Hakeem and the Cheetah girl aren’t getting married she bounced like a baby daddy on his ass. Hmmmmm I’m still writing myself into the script as Jamal’s childhood friend I just gotta send it to Lee so he can get me on the show. But other than that, that’s it!

Be sure to tune in to EMPIRE Season 3 starting Wednesday September 21 8/7 c only on Fox and as always,

I love you for reading!



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