Amber Rose SLAMMED for Baby Bash in her wig photo!

Now why I even have to make a post about this is a damn shame but it’s my job. So our MUVA Amber Rose uploaded a picture of her and Wiz Khalifa baby boy Sebastian in one of her wigs! Check the photo out below and then we’ll kiki on the other side!

6tag-1497414823-1313433477919655552_1497414823.jpgSo first of all lemme say this! I can’t tell you who he looks like more! He’s so cute and by the way he’s three years old now. So the internet was going AWF on Amber for allowing her son to put on her wig and then upload the photo “glorifying” this behavior. And here comes my tea. These people must not have kids because if I learned nothing from the children I’ve watched grow up from babies, they don’t see what adults see. The problem I have is people calling him gay and saying he’s gonna grow up to be a faggot just enraged me to make this post.

So the little girl playing in the corner with a GI Joe action figure will grow up to be a stud? Who created these annoying ass stereotypes and gender rules that we as a society have been bound by. THIS IS A BABY!!! Who was probably being A BABY rummaging in his mama wig closet. Kids are curious, HELL ADULTS ARE CURIOUS! Kids just aren’t shy about it! I was so vexed by the overwhelming negative and disrespectful response to a BABY BEING A BABY that I felt the need to say something. Had it been my child, niece, or nephew I would feel the same way. Children have an innocence that we as a society have over-sexualized and now something like this can’t be viewed as anything but what it is. A BABY BEING A BABY!

I’ve never seen Muva Rose do anything to put this baby in harms way and from what I know she’s been nothing more than a mother to her son! How dare anyone put her on the cross for posting this picture. He probably seen his mama take her wig off one day and wanted to do the shit. That’s what kids do. Watch people and do what they do. Hence why my niece is always cussing people out and telling people where to go! LEMME SUM IT UP. IT AINT THAT DAMN SERIOUS SHIT! I don’t even know why i’m defending this but I’m done. America…GROW UP!!!! And as always

I love you for reading!



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